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Awareness Workshop

Awareness Workshop

Awareness Workshops are half-day events organised for small teams of participants from the same nonprofit sector (i.e., arts and culture, community benefit, education, social services, environment, etc.) who gather together to address creatively a common problem such as fund raising, audience widening, service delivery, or board governance.

The workshops are offered free of charge to non-profit organisations that want to:

  • learn more about the Creative Initiatives Process.
  • determine whether they want to apply for a Creative Initiatives Workshop Grant.

What’s Involved…

A typical agenda for a half-day workshop might list the following topics, which are not covered in the same depth as they would be at a two-day workshop.

  1. Clarifying organisational aspirations
  2. Formulating a shared-vision and identifying the attributes, characteristics, and competencies that research shows an organisation needs to be successful.
  3. Identifying gaps between where an organisation is and where it wants to be
  4. Fund-raising or other topics of interest to the group

Awareness Workshops are typically co-facilitated by a nonprofit management professional and a fundraising specialist.