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Creativity and Innovation Resource Centre

The Creativity and Innovation Resource Centre is a reference collection housed in the City Hall Public Library. Containing more than 1,500 books and journals, the CIRC is Asia’s largest publicly accessible collection of resources on the subjects of creativity and innovation. The core collection is comprised of 1,000 titles selected by the world famous International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College, New York.

Made up of both academic and non-academic texts, the collection comprises a vast knowledge base of materials of interest to anyone searching to learn more about creativity, enhancing his or her own creative abilities, teaching creative problem solving skills to others, managing change, or creating the future.

Topics include:

  • Early Childhood Development, Educational Leadership, Learning Theory, Multiple Intelligences, Motivation, Cooperative Learning, Gifted & Talented Education

  • Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Divergent Thinking, Brainstorming, Group Creativity, Stimulating Creativity, Creativity Research, Theories of Creativity

  • Organizational Development, Team Building, Management of Innovation, Creative Leadership, Product Development, Paradigm Shifts, Geography of Innovation

  • Creative processes in the Arts, Creative People

Established in 2003 by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the CIRC includes seating for 20 researchers and an Online Library Catalogue. Two computers with broadband access to the Internet were donated by the Creative Initiatives Foundation. The books and journals, on loan from Creative Initiatives Foundation, were purchased with a grant provided by Po Chung, SBS, OBE, JP and his wife Helen.

Visit the Centre

City Hall Public Library
10th Floor, City Hall High Block
Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2921 2672
Fax: 2524 2089

Hours of operation: Please Click here

CIRC Catalogue

There are three ways to search the contents of the CIRC:

  1. The entire contents of the CIRC collection is included in the Hong Kong Public Library Online Catalogue. Use the Hong Kong Public Library online catalogue to search for titles or subjects that interest you. The catalogue will identify whether the book is in the CIRC collection.

  2. Go to International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) of Buffalo State College. The core collection, comprised of the 1,000 titles that were selected by the ICSC. Their Creativity Based Information Resources (CBIR) database contains 12,180 annotated references of works focusing on creativity literature. To search the database, enter the author’s name, title, key words, or descriptors and click the 「Search」 button. You can search titles included in our centre by choosing 「Hong Kong City Hall Public Library」 under the 「collection」 search criteria. Searched items will also be indicated of their specific libraries with annotation.

  3. Download a MS Word or MS Excel file containing the author’s names and titles for all books in the collection:
    Download MS Word file
    Download MS Excel file

Visit the CIRC homepage

Click here to go to the CIRC homepage powered by the Hong Kong Public Libraries of Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Comments & Suggestions

Send us an email with any suggestion you have for improving the collection. We are particularly interested in identifying and purchasing resources written in the Chinese language.