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Develop creative initiatives to close the gaps

Phase 2


Task 4: Develop creative initiatives to close the gaps

During a Creative Initiatives Workshop, the job of the facilitator is to create as many opportunities as possible for the participants to experience the thrill and productivity of group creativity. This is accomplished through large group and small team brainstorming sessions where participants are encouraged to freely suggest solutions to the seemingly impossible questions.

For example: When trying to generate ways to close a gap between service delivery today and the desired level and quality of service delivery in the future, teams might be asked to generate a multitude of creative initiatives that are,

impossible to do today, but if they could be done would fundamentally change service delivery for the good.

During these sessions, the facilitator coaches team members to mutually enforce general brainstorming rules.

The goal is to generate as many creative ideas as possible. All ideas are considered good ideas. The result is an exhaustive list of creative solutions and innovative strategies that might fill the gaps and move the organization ever closer to the desired future state. All of these ideas are potential 「creative initiatives」 – actions that might answer the impossibility question and result in new paradigms for the organization.

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