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Identify gaps and rank them by importance

Phase 2


Task 3: Identify gaps and rank them by importance

There is a close correlation between the most critical gaps and the issues and problems that are keeping the most people awake at night.
Once the problems are illustrated as gaps between where the organization is and where it wants to be, it becomes a lot easier to identify what the root problems are, which problems need to be addressed first, and which ones can wait until another day.

Tichy’s change formula distinguishes 「concrete first steps」 as opposed to trying to accomplish 「everything at once」. In order to create an organization that embraces change and aspires to be culturally creative and innovative, it’s important that the first attempt at change leads to success. For this reason, the facilitator guides the participants toward choosing to close a critical gap first, but one that can be closed with a series of safe, small steps.

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