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Information analysis & synthesis

Phase 1


Task 3: Information analysis & synthesis

From the interview responses and survey data the facilitator determines how much the stakeholders 『own』 and 『share』 the vision and mission and whether the organisation’s aspirations need to be revisited.

SWOT Analysis

The facilitator uses the collected information to analyze the organisation’s current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). The interviewee’s own words are used to document the SWOT analysis and the major problems and issues that are 『keeping people awake at night』.

PEST Analysis

Opinions about changes in the organisation’s political, economic, social, and technological environments (PEST) are also analyzed and documented on PowerPoint slides

PowerPoint Slides

Information and stakeholder opinions about the organisation, its SWOT, PEST, current direction and potential future directions is quantified and added to additional PowerPoint slides that illustrate the organisation’s current and possible future states.

Click here to see some sample PowerPoint slides.

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