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Information gathering

Phase 1


Task 2: Information gathering

Determining the strategic intent or the future of an organisation is an exciting process for all of the individuals involved. Answering the following three questions is at the heart of the information gathering process and a major objective of the CI workshop:

1. Where are we? The organisation’s current state…
2. Where are we going? The organisation’s desired state…
3. How are we going to get there? Creative Initiatives…

Data Collection Process

The data collection process begins by gathering information about the organisation’s Vision, Mission, operations, services, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Some of this information will be readily available from the application and the application questionnaire. Other pieces to the puzzle need to be obtained through personal interviews and a survey of the organization」s stakeholders.

While the facilitator plays a major role in the information gathering process, including interviewing participants and preparing the survey, the organisation is ultimately responsible for survey administration and data collection.

Click here to see sample interview questions.
Click here to see sample survey questions.

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