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CI Workshop-centred Process

Preparation Phase

Our workshop-centered process begins when a major stakeholder, usually the executive director, board president, or a member of the board contacts a Creative Initiatives Foundation Associate about an issue or problem the organisation is having difficulty dealing with. The concern may involve the loss of funding, raising money for a new program, losing a leader, or motivating staff, volunteers and donors.

During this initial contact, the Associate will determine if the organization’s leadership is ready, willing and able to use its creative initiative to deal with the organization’s problem or issue. If it is, the Associate helps the organization complete an application for a Creative Initiatives Workshop Grant.

If the Foundation approves the grant request, then the Associate will make arrangements for the organisation’s policy-makers and stakeholders to participate in a Creative Initiatives Workshop.

Phase 1 Tasks

The Associate/workshop facilitator must complete four tasks before the workshop.

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