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Shared Interest Group

Groups with Shared Interests (GSI’s)

Workshops for Groups with Shared Interests bring a diverse group of individuals, business representatives and government agencies together for the purpose of:

  • formulating a shared Vision for the group or business sector
  • starting a public interest association or a sector-wide organisation
  • determining strategies for influencing public behavior or government policy

GSI workshops involve a greater level of pre-workshop research than a typical two-day workshop for nonprofit organisations (NPOs).

Greater Detail

Another major difference between workshops for NPOs and workshops for GSIs is the design and detail of the workshop digest. While a NPO workshop digest documents the workshop inputs, outputs and next steps for the NPO, a GSI workshop digest is typically designed to influence the next steps the government or the industry as a whole should take to improve the quality of life in the community.

Logistics Case Example

Click here to see a case example of how the Logistics Industry in Hong Kong used the CI Process to help influence significant government decisions that will have positive effects on the logistics industry and the community.

Workshop Grants

The Creative Initiatives Foundation provides grants to qualifying groups with shared interests and sector-wide organisations.