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The CI Workshop Process

The CI Workshop-centred Process

A Catalyst for Change

The Creative Initiatives Process is a catalyst for creative thinking and innovative change. It involves a group of fifteen to thirty stakeholders from the same organization or interest group working together with a trained outside facilitator at a workshop to solve problems that are 「keeping them awake at night.」 More importantly, a Creative Initiatives Workshop helps the group identify existing and potentially threatening issues that are impacting the organization’s efficacy and encourages the participants to develop new ways of thinking and behaving that will promote the creation and development of what might be the best solutions to pressing problems.

The organization and participants gain by involving themselves in out-of-the-box thinking, dynamic group interaction and idea stimulation activities, and by collectively generating inventive solutions to pressing problems.

The outcomes are more creative minds and an innovative, generative-learning organization that can better respond to rapid changes in its operating environment.

In the words of Po Chung, a Creative Initiatives Champion,

「The Creative Initiatives Process helps cooperative groups create and develop… that which is impossible to do today, but which, if it could be done, would fundamentally change their organization for the better and improve the quality of life in the community.」



While the Workshop itself only requires 1-1/2 to 2 days of stakeholder commitment, it usually takes the facilitator 4-6 weeks to complete the comprehensive three-phase, workshop-centred process.

Workshop Grants

The Creative Initiatives Foundation provides grants to qualifying non-profit organisations that want to use a Creative Initiatives Workshop as part of a needs assessment, strategic review or strategic planning exercise.