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Workshop Agenda

Two-day Workshop

The following agenda is typical of most two-day CreativeInitiatives Workshops for nonprofit organizations.

9:00 Welcome presentations
9:30 Creative Initiatives Process
10:00 Workshop expectations
10:15 Overview of the data collection process
10:30 Presentation of the data
Noon Lunch
1:00 Presentation of the data (continued)
2:00 Consensus on Current State
3:00 Paradigm Principles video and activity
4:00 Visioning exercise
5:00 Team Reports and Summary
9:00 Review
9:30 Presentation of the Current State
10:00 Presentation of the Vision of a Better World
10:30 Formulating the Desired State
11:30 Team Reports
Noon Lunch
1:00 Identifying the Gaps
1:30 Ranking the Importance of the Gaps
2:30 Brainstorming Creative Initiatives to Close the Gaps
3:30 Team Reports
4:30 Next Steps