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Workshop preparation

Phase 1


Task 4: Workshop preparation

The CI facilitator consolidates the information and organizes it consistent with the Creative Initiatives Process. This sequences the information into a PowerPoint slideshow that guides workshop participants through a series of learning and capacity-building activities. The activities vary depending on the needs and culture of the organization.

Workshop Handbook & policy-maker review

The facilitator prints the PowerPoint slides and assembles them into a Workshop Handbook that is sent to the key decision-makers for review. The key decision-makers may suggest changes of various sorts. Mistakes in the current profile are corrected or clarified. Changes regarding the flow and format of the presentation are generally accepted and accommodated.

Handbook distribution

At least one week prior to the workshop, finalized copies of the agenda and workbook are sent to all workshop participants. This provides sufficient time for them to browse through the materials, which helps them focus on the major issues and align their expectations for the workshop.


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